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Posted By: toadfrog
01-Apr-01 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: Help: Land of Misery (Shenandoah)
Subject: Land of Misery (Shenandoah)
This is a version of Shenandoah heard on Prairie Home Companion (maybe) 12 years ago. I know the lyrics, and will submit the tune if I ever figure out how one creates a MIDI file. Does anyone know who sang it and whether it is available as a recording.?


Oh Shenandoah I love your daughter.
Hurrah, my rolling river.
Shenandoah, the white Mulatta
We are bound away
From this land of misery.


I courted Sally, no pen, no paper.
I courted Sally with foolscap paper.

For seven long years I sailed the ocean.
For seven long years I never wrote her.

Misery! my captain cried out.
Sally forth, my bowman answered.

Nobody knows about my sorrow.
Nobody cares about my danger.

The singer ( who sounded a lot like Odetta) said, this was a song from the Islands, from a time when the British were impressing sailors to fight in a war. "That meant," she said, " they were forcing them onto ships. But they weren't impressed - they didn't like it."