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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
24-Oct-98 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Pastures of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
Subject: Chords Add: PASTURES OF PLENTY (Woody Guthrie)

I'm not sure how you switched topics. In the future, go to the Main Forum Page and click on Create a New Thread. Title it just like you did this one and you'll do fine. You are a bit lost under the Tinker heading. I am trying out the < pre > command here. Hope it works.

  Am         G       Am               G          Am
It's a mighty hard row that my poor hands have hoed
C Em E
My poor feet have traveled a hot dusty road
Am G Am
Out of your Dust Bowl and Westward we rolled
C Em Am
And your deserts were hot and your mountains were cold

G Am G Am
I worked in your orchards of peaches and prunes
C Em E
I slept on the ground in the light of the moon
Am G Am
On the edge of the city you'll see us and then
C Em Am
We come with the dust and we go-o-o with the wind

Enjoy the song.

Roger in Baltimore