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Posted By: Ferrara
02-Apr-01 - 10:48 PM
Thread Name: Fingernails vs. Fingerpicks
Subject: RE: Help: Fingernails vs. Fingerpicks
A useful thread! I'm going to try the trick of constantly smoothing my nails.

I actually gave up and started using fingerpicks on my MacArthur harp, because every time I was scheduled to perform, I would practice more than usual (not hard to do, for me) and my nails would start going down like dominoes.

I now use brass fingerpicks, which are very soft. This has the advantage/disadvantage that I can keep adjusting them slightly. I'm sure they would melt down under hard use, though. But I can get them adjusted for maximum resemblance to the touch I use with bare fingernails.

Also, for my left hand, I use a plastic fingerpick which I put over the fleshy side of my thumb (not the nail). You'd have to see a MacArthur harp being played, I guess, to understand this.... oh well. But anyway this thread has inspired me to give my nails another chance.

I know I have to eat Jell-O, if I want to keep my nails and my hair, but I have to watch my blood sugar (because of the transplant medicines) and I hate artificial sweeteners. I sometimes fix gelatin with crushed pineapple in juice, mandarin oranges, Kraft light cream cheese, and some nuts and cottage cheese. It tastes good to me, anyway! -- It's based on a recipe of my mother's, who used lime jello instead of the plain gelatin. I include this for anyone who is looking for various ways to get gelatin down....