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Posted By: Shouter
02-Apr-01 - 11:32 PM
Thread Name: Help: Locking tuners anyone?
Subject: Locking tuners anyone?
hey, i'm an acoustic guitarist who often plays in alternate tunings. the downside is that dropping the low E to D or C will cause the A, D, or sometimes G strings to go sharp. this is inconvenient in performance situations. then i caught wind of locking tuners. now, i don't know enough about them yet, but the name implies that they lock strings into specific pitches. is this correct? if so would it be beneficial to install locking tuners on my acoustic guitar to minimize/eliminate pitch variance in the strings that i do not detune? would these tuners also preserve proper intonation against the wear n' tear of string bending and aggressive playing? so far i've gathered that these tuners were originally meant for electric guitars, to solve the problems with tremolo use. but is there a reason not to use them in my situation? so let me know what you know/think/feel, about: 1) the function of locking tuners 2) the pros/cons of locking tuners 3) the plausibility/absurdity of locking tuners for acoustic guitars 4) whether locking tuners will solve my pitch variance problem 5) any other advice, comments, opinions

Thanks, i'll appreciate all help