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Posted By: Iguanaguy
03-Apr-01 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: Fingernails vs. Fingerpicks
Subject: RE: Help: Fingernails vs. Fingerpicks
Interesting thread...I've used fingerpicks, thumbpicks, and the ol' fingernails...I happen to have very strong nails(I can even use 'em as screwdrivers for light jobs & my wife hates me for it, as hers are forever breaking) 'cause I drink a lot of milk...right now I just flat pick because I mostly play acompaniment to a choir... Speaking of olive oil & its "properties"...I'll venture to "go there" & say that I used some to get rid of mites on an iguana of mine during Christmas one year, and he soon ran up the Christmas tree, followed by the female...two months later I had a clutch of eggs!