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Posted By: Haruo
03-Apr-01 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: May There Always Be Sunshine (Russian)
Subject: Beer, Wine, Vodka
Thanks, Sorcha, for pointing me at this thread. I don't know why anybody else wanted it, but I was hoping to use it on my website (in Russian, Esperanto, English, and/or any combination); now thanks to RS maybe I'll put it on my Yiddish site, too. I learned it as a teenager in high school Russian, and have the first verse and refrain by heart (the second verse all I recall is it ends, or a line of it does, in "chelovek" [human being, formerly known as man]). So I'm also up for the Russian texts of the post-first verses.

The first stanza, in transliterated Russian (I've learned my lesson about the impossibility of reliably making Cyrillic appear in the Mudcat), goes:

Sohl-nyetch-nee kroog, nyeh-boh vo-kroog,
Eh-toh ree-soo-nock mal-cheesh-kee.
Nah-ree-soh-vall ohn nah leest-kyeh,
Ee pod-pee-sall voo-gohl-kyeh:

Followed by the chorus as given in earlier posts in this thread.

In high school we usually sang the following words the second time through on the chorus:

Poost vsyegg-dah bood-yet pee-vaw,
Poost vsyegg-dah bood-yet vee-naw,
Poost vsyegg-dah bood-yet vodka,
Poost vsyegg-dah boo-doo yah!

I.e. May there always be beer, wine, vodka, me. That was before I found out I was alcoholic, and got a sense of the implications of that fact. But I still sing it that way, a good ;-) 16 years after my last beer. Detracts a bit from the tear-jerking effect, I suppose, but oh well, that's how I sing it...