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Posted By: Mark Cohen
04-Apr-01 - 12:07 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Sukyaki
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Sukyaki
Alex, one's heart is not literally broken by a heart attack, either. That is, not in the sense that is usually intended by the figurative phrase "broken heart", that is, cracked or broken into pieces. It might be true, if you take "broken" to mean "not working right", but that makes the original phrase much less colorful.

I agree with you that "literally" seems to be in the process of becoming a synonym for "figuratively", though they certainly "should" be alternatives. The Edwin Newmans among us rail at this process and others like it (and I admit I often count myself among them!), but that's the evolution of language, folks.

(Matt, if you're still puzzled, he was referring to the phrase at the end of the post you linked to. Which, by the way, gives a heartbreaking (!) perspective on that beautiful song.)