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Posted By: Jacob B
04-Apr-01 - 04:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen/Raisins and Almonds
Subject: RE: Raisins and Almonds
The Orthodox are very active on the Internet. After all, one of the things the Internet is good for is connecting people who live apart and have similar interests, and that description fits frummies as well as it fits folkies! You can check out the website if you want.

As for throwing bags of raisins and almonds: it is traditional to throw sweets in honor of various sweet occasions. Nowadays people usually throw wrapped candies (because they are easier to clean up) but before wrapped candies were common people would throw raisins and nuts, and it only makes sense to put them in little bags first so that they don't get ground into the floor. It's really a sight to see - the air is filled with flying sweets, and the floor is covered with children who have run forward to grab as many sweets off the floor as they can!

Murray, I think you may be remembering being one of those kids, collecting sweets during somebody else's aufruf. Does that sound possible?

(A frummie is someone who is pious, and an aufruf is when someone is called to the torah in honor of their imminent wedding (and showered with sweets.))