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Posted By: Joe Offer
05-Apr-01 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Phoenix (Bill Staines)
Subject: Ethical Considerations: Phoenix by Bill Staines
I posted the lyrics to the song, but I didn't post the tune because it's in a Folk-Legacy songbook. Musicman says the songbook is out of print, and it isn't listed in the Folk-Legacy catalog right now, so maybe that's a consideration.
I always have mixed feelings on this. It doesn't bother me at all to post a song that's 40 years old and owned by a corporation. If it's the work of somebody who's still trying to make a living as a musician, that's another matter. Still, I think that posting songs of smalltime songwriters can help the songwriters, within limits. I've certainly made my contribution to Bill Staines - I bought the songbook and 11 or 12 CD's. Still, if ALL of the popular Staines songs are available at Mudcat, what's the use of even printing a songbook?
I suppose there's even a case for respecting the copyright on those 40-yr-old songs. If I wrote the song, it's nice that I can make income by selling it to a corporation - but a corporation isn't going to want to buy it if their rights expire in ten years.
What do you think?