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Posted By: Rick Fielding
06-Apr-01 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: Thumbpicks, Inventions, Plastic. Helllp!
Subject: Thumbpicks, Inventions, Plastic. Helllp!
Some folks here may remember a discussion or two from the long past about a particular kind of hybrid thumbpick I constructed for a number students and fellow 12 string pickers. I glued (riveted as well) a .77 (approximately) flatpick to the handle of a Golden Gate thumbpick, and then trimmed it down a bit. It gave a HUGE sound to the bass runs on the 12 string.

Several companies make similar contraptions but even the heaviest would slide off your thumb too easy if you picked HARD. Even the ones with the flatpick attached to a METAL thumbick would "heat up" and become too flexible.

Anyway, my design worked great, but within a couple of months of hard playing the crazy glue,(or epoxy) would fail and the thing would come apart. The riveting of the two pieces together worked, but the rivet "bump" would sometimes get in the way. So here's my question:

Is there a better way of afixing a plastic thumpick to a plastic (nylon?) flatpick, than glue? Is it possible to "mold" them together (without all sorts of equipment)? Is there some OTHER kind of adhesive that would do the trick, that I haven't thought of?

Thanks for any suggestions.