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Posted By: Rick Fielding
06-Apr-01 - 03:56 PM
Thread Name: Thumbpicks, Inventions, Plastic. Helllp!
Subject: RE: Thumbpicks, Inventions, Plastic. Helllp!
Thanks folks. The Herco works for some folks (did ya know it was designed for the great songwriter Guy Clark?) but is virtually useless for me. To get the heavy guage "pick part" you have to take a large size and it's too big for my thumb.

Nope my ideal 12 string pick is a medium Golden Gate thumbpick, WELDED to a Dunlop .73. So......

Alan, THANK YOU! Can you tell me a bit about that "Fusing Glue". It sounds definitely the thing I need. Brand names? The kind of store or business that would use it or sell it? Thanks.

John what is PVC glue? Is that the crazy glue? I use the expensive stuff in gel form and it holds for a while, but I really DO play the 12 string HARD and the two pieces eventually separate. Keep in mind I'm also using a .68 bass string!! tuned down to B!

Don, I know why you use Golden Gates....they are miles better than anything I've ever used.