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Posted By: raredance
08-Apr-01 - 06:05 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: The Holy Ground
Subject: Chords Add: THE HOLY GROUND (from Clancys & Makem)
This chord set is from "The Irish Songbook" by the Clancys and Makem

Fare (C)thee well my (G7)lovely (C)Dinah
A thousand (G7)times, a-(C)dieu
For we're goin' (G)away from the (F)holy ground
And the (C)girls we all love (G7)true.
We will (C)sail the (G7)salt sea (C)over
And we'll re-(G7)turn for (F)shore(G)
To (F)see again (C)the (F)girls (C)we love
And the holy (G7)ground once (C)more
You're the girl I (G7)do a-(F)dore(G)
And (F)still I live (C)in (F)hopes (C)to see
The holy (G7)ground once (C)more.

rich r