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Thread Name: Poem for the day (April 9)
Subject: RE: Poem for the day (April 9)
And another irrelevant trivia, by Michelangelo's contemporary Pietro Aretino, for the first of Giulio Romano's postures, a mundane variation on the missionary method.

Let's fottere, my love, let's fottere,
Since all of us were born only to fottere.
You adore the cazzo and I the potta.
The world would be nothing without this act.

It it were proper to fottere after death,
I'd say let's fottere ourselves to death,
Then we could fottere Adam and Eve
Who died such a dishonourable death.

Truly, if those truants hadn't eaten
That treacherous apple in the garden,
Lovers would long ago have quenched their lust.

But let's stop chatting. Stick your cazzo in
So that it reaches my heart, and crush the soul
That lives or dies issueing from the cazzo

Don't leave out my balls-
Take them inside the potta,
Those witnesses of every extreme pleasure.

[Translated (except for the important words) by Lynne Lawner.]