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Posted By: toadfrog
09-Apr-01 - 01:31 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: appalachian murder ballads
Subject: Lyr Add: PEARL BRIAN

In Greencastle lived Pearl Bryan, who is known this wide world o'er,
Beheaded by Scott Jackson, whom she really did adore.

In a cab one rainy evening, before the close of day,
Up rode Walling and Jackson, and with Pearl they rode away.

Little did poor Pearl think, as she left her home so gay,
That the suitcase that she carried, would hide her head someday!

The driver tells the story, how little Pearl did moan,
All the way from Cincinatti to where the cruel deed was done.

Next morning the people were excited, and this is what they said.
"Here is a little girl's body, but where, or where is the head"?

They arrested Walling and Jackson and put them in a cell.
The policement gathered around, but nothing would they tell.

In came Pearl's little sister, and fell down on her knees,
Pleading to Scott Jackson, give me sister's head, oh please.

Scott Jackson was so stubborn, that this is what he said,
"If you meet your sister in Heaven, you will find the missing head!"

You girls who fall in love, don't ever be misled.
Don't take any hasty action. Oh, girls don't lose your head!