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Posted By: RichM
09-Apr-01 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: black velvet band
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: black velvet band
Welcome, Dubliners I got these words from the Digital Tradition search box. There are several other version in the DT.

Is there more than one of you, Dubliner(s)? If so, hello y'all.

Rich McCarthy


In a neat little town they call Belfast Apprenticed in trade I was bound And many an hour of sweet happiness I spent in that neat little town Till bad misfortune befell me And caused me to stray from the land Far away from my friends and relations To follow the black velvet band

Her eyes they shone like the diamond You'd think she was queen of the land And her hair hung over her shoulder Tied up in a black velvet band

Well, I was out strolling one evening Not meaning to go very far When I met with a pretty young damsel She was selling her trade in a bar When I watched, she took from a customer And slipped it right into my hand Then the Watch came and put me in prison Bad luck to the black velvet band

Next morning before judge and jury For our trial I had to appear The judge, he said, "Young fellow The case against you is quite clear And seven years is your sentence You're going to Van Dieman's Land Far away from your friends and relations To follow the black velvet band"

So come all you jolly young fellows I'd have you take warning by me And whenever you're out on the liquor Beware of the pretty colleen They'll fill your with whiskey and porter Until You're not able to stand And the very next thing that you know You're landed in Van Dieman's Land

@outlaw @drink @Irish @Australia recorded by the Irish Rovers DT #313 filename[ BLKVEL2 Tune file : BLACKVEL