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09-Apr-01 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: Thumbpicks, Inventions, Plastic. Helllp!
Subject: RE: Thumbpicks, Inventions, Plastic. Helllp!

METHL ETHYL KETONE is the hardener catlylist for Polyester resin. The stuff they stick fiberglass together with. There have been days when I got the stuff all over me and looked like I'd grown feathers on my fingers. I built the hull for my 22 ft full rigged ship in the back yard of the man I ultimately named it after, William King Covell. One day when I was simply covered in polyester resin, Mr. Covell had been watching me from the rear piazza of his house, and, said "Jody, If you start to solidify, do take up a tastefull pose.

If you don't drink the stuff or get it in your eyes, there is nothing dangerous about Methy ethyl ketone.

Let me know how youmake out. And, s soon as I figure out how to send photographs or drawings, I'll send one.

Jody Gibson