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Posted By: Sorcha
09-Apr-01 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Ring of Fire (Merle Kilgore/June Carter)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Love is a burning thing
Maybe not, but couldn't they err on the side of caution? There seem to have been a rash of them lately, or maybe it's just me being cranky. I can do that rather well, I know, (grin)

I guess it's just having to be "too nice" in my 3D world. What can I say when my "other" kids show up asking
Can I use the Washer?(which includes soap, bleach, etc.)
Can I borrow potatoes?
Can I use your computer?
Can I eat supper?
Will you loan (give) me $10?
Can I crash here tonight(or for 3 weeks)?
Can I take a couple rolls of toilet paper for my flat?
Can I use your phone to call long distance?

I know, I know, at least most of them ask (not all!) and I know I allow myself to be imposed upon. Most of them haven't had much "raising", and I try to help, just like I do here. It's just nice to be asked, and to have a please and thank you once in a while.

I do feel privilged that they feel "at home" enough here to do these things. I just wish a few more of them would have sense enough to do little "honey dos" like carry out the trash, mow the yard or carry in and dump salt in the water softner if they don't have any money. If they do have job/money, they could buy laundry soap, give me a few dollars for the phone or water bill, buy food for me to cook once in a while.

I guess, over the years, I have made my bed. Sorry, rant off. Somebody come get this soap box, please?