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09-Apr-01 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: appalachian murder ballads
Subject: Lyr Add: PEARL BRYAN
Here's a candidate for "Pearl Bryan (4)"

Deep deep down in the valley,
Where the flowers bloom and fade,
There lies our own Pearl Bryan
In a cold and silent grave.

She died not broken hearted,
Nor by disease she fell,
But in one moment parted
From those she loved so well.

One evening when the moon shone brightly,
And the stars were shining too,
Into her lighted cottage
Her jealous lover drew.

Saying, "Pearl, let's take a ramble.
INto the woods and meadows gay,
Where no one can disturb us,
We'll name our wedding day."

The night was cold and dreary,
She was afraid to stay.
Of wandering she grew wear,
And would have retraced her way.

"Retrace your way, no never.
The woods you'll roam no more.
Long long they'll wait you coming
At your own little cottage door.

No arms can take you from me.
Nor from me can you fly.
No earthly soul can hear you;
You instantly must die.

Down on her knees before him,
She pleaded for her life.
Into her snow white bosom,
He plunged his fatal knife.

"Oh, what have I done, Scott Jackson,
That you should take my life?
You know I've always loved you
And would have been your wife.

the birds sing in the morning,
And mournful were their tunes,
They found Pearl Bryan lying
In a cold and silent tomb.

She died away fromhome and friends,
OUt in that lonely spot.
Take heed, take heed, believe this girls.
Don't let this be your lot.

from: Southern Folk Ballads Vol II by W. K. McNeil

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