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Posted By: John P
11-Apr-01 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: Lord, There's alot of Whiskey in the jar
Subject: RE: Lord, There's alot of Whiskey in the jar
My friend Robert Kotta was of Irish/Mexican descent and wrote this version. Sadly, he died last year of a heart attack at age 47. Sing this with your best bad Frito Bandido accent.
-John Peekstok

by Robert Kotta

As I was going over the mountains of Morelos,
I met with Captain Sanchez, he was counting his dineros.
I pulled out my pistola and I stuck it in his middle,
Saying, "Give me all your money 'cause I am a bad bandido."

Muchos gringos trabajar.
Whack fol the barrio, whack fol the barrio,
Es tequila in the jar.

I took all that money back home to my Maria,
She saw the shining pesos and she says "It's good to see ya!"
She vowed and she swore that she'd never blow my cover,
But never trust a woman if she has another lover.

I woke up the next morning, had a breakfast of tamales,
When the casa was surrounded by a bunch of Federales.
They smashed down the door and they broke the window latches,
And took me off to prison but they had no stinking badges.

In the calaboose they put me, with all the other fellows,
For robbing Captain Sanchez in the mountains of Morelos.
But they didn't take my reefers, so I got the jailer loaded,
And then I rode away while his mind it was eroded.

I think I'll find my brother, the one that's in Allisto,
We'll get ourselves a Chevy and go up to San Francisco.
Together we'll go cruisin' and pretend like we are machos,
Pick up pretty girls, get 'em drunk and feed 'em nachos!