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Posted By: Greg F.
16-Apr-01 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Some Sweet Justice Against the KKK
Subject: RE: BS: Some Sweet Justice Against the KKK
It is also a fairly primitive and obvious tactic to attribute ignorance to those with whom you disagree

Um, ya mean, like you're patronizingly doing here? :those who are, indeed, students of American History in general, and the history of the Reconstruction years in particular, will be aware...

That out of the way,I'll agree that the Klan did not SOLELY rely on race hatred, intimidation, murder, lynching, &c &c., but that the exercise of these and the intimidation of Blacks (a.k.a. 'carpetbaggers')in government certainly were the primary reasons for its existence.

There's also a large difference between stating that the military occupation of the south created conditions conducive to the creation of virulently racist anti-Black organizations (what military occupation doesn't involve "injustices") and using Reconstruction to justify, mitigate or condone these groups and the horrors they perpretrated, and CONTINUE to perpetrate.

Best, Greg