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Posted By: Banjer
17-Apr-01 - 06:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Some Sweet Justice Against the KKK
Subject: RE: BS: Some Sweet Justice Against the KKK
My only wish is that before people make false satetments they would research what they speak of! It irks me that when the Confederate Battle Flag is used as an example it is improperly named. ie:

Lets not forget the flag that the Klan proudly marches under, folks- yup, the Stars and Bars.

The Stars and Bars is the name given to the First National Flag of the Confederate States of America. It had three horizontal bars, red at top and bottom with a white one at the middle. In the left upper corner is a blue field containing seven white stars, denoting the original seven states to secede from the Union. If you are going to attack my heritage, please first get your facts straight! Thank You!