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Posted By: GUEST,Bruce O.
17-Apr-01 - 10:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: What Do Physicists Think About? II
Subject: RE: BS: What Do Physicists Think About? II
I'm not sure that Norbert Feist stuff isn't quackery. Some sleuthing on the web turns up an abstact of a paper he gave which goes back to even more ancient history. He's at a small town, Gersthofen, a few miles north of Augsburg (NW of Munich).

I might get a read on him if I could locate a friend, Prof. E. S. at Technical University, Munich, but can't find his email address, and he's apparently back in the USA giving a talk at Wesleyan Univ. this week, but their website calendar is screwed up- at least I can't find him on the page that Google turns up for him [his father was German and his mother was American (as is his wife Angela) but I'm not sure whether he consider himself a German or an American]. We studied together to get through the French reading exams as grad students. He pronounced French as if it were German, and I did it as if it were English, and it got pretty funny at times. We got through the exam, because we didn't have to pronounce any French for it.

The Michelson-Morley (ether drift) experiment has already been reanalyzed to death, without turning up anything new of any importance. Michelson was a really great experimentalist, and not many would want to try to duplicate his work in order to do the experiment over.

[My last specialty of high resolution Fourier transform spectroscopy is based on the insrument's Michelson interferometer. You move the moving Michelson mirror, then measure the light intensity, you move it again by the same amount and again measure the light intensity. After 100,000 to a million such move/measure cycles you have the interferogram]