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Posted By: JedMarum
18-Apr-01 - 09:37 AM
Thread Name: Help: Patrick O'Brian's Desolation Island
Subject: RE: Help: Patrick O Briens Desolation Island
WOW - I love this place! I checked into Mudcat this morning nearly forgetting this thread - and was floored by all the wonderfull info!! Thanks all.

Yes, I believe the O'Brian series of books about Aubrey and Maturin are marvelous, and can see how they would be addicting. My Dad read them all and sent me a couple, and I have loved them as well. And when I first came across this story about the sinking of the Waakzaamheid - I knew I had to write the song. It's been fermenting in my head for quite some time.

Privateer is a major change to the lyric, but I know I must make the change. I am so glad I posted the lyrics now. I would not want to have recorded the song with such a mistake. I am not sure even where I came up with the word, except it was probably my own interpretation ... so thanks very much, y'all for catching that and speaking up.

I amazed at the detail so many have remembered! Thanks all for the comments. Please continue posting or PM if you have any further comments. I have an excellent melody for the song, I believe - I hope to get it on a recording soon, though unpublished until the next record. Still I will provide a tape copy to any who have an interest, once I have a chance to get the demo recorded (within the month).

Thanks again - y'all!