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Posted By: Bernard
18-Apr-01 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Spanish Ladies
Is this the one you mean?


  1. Oh, 'Ive been a sea-cook, and I've been a Clipperman,
    I can sing, I can dance, I can walk the jib-boom.
    I can handle a harpoon, and cut a fine figure
    Whenever I get in a boat's standing room.

    Chorus: We'll rant, and we'll roar
    Like true-born young whalermen
    We'll rant, and we'll roar
    On deck, and below
    Until we see bottom inside the two sinkers,
    Then straight up the channel, boys,
    To Huasco we'
  2. I was in Talcahuano last year, in a whaler,
    I bought some gold brooches from the girls in the bay,
    I bought me a pipe, and they called it a Meerschawm,
    But it melted like butter on a bright, shiny day.

  3. I went to a party last night in old Tumbes,
    They were plenty of girls there, as fine as you'd wish,
    There was one young maiden a-chewing tobacco
    Just like a young kitten a-chewing fresh fish!

  4. Farewell to you girls of old Talcahuano,
    Farewell to you girls of old Maui,
    Come, let us be merry, don't be melancholy!
    I can't marry you all, or in choky I'd be.