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Posted By: Bill D
18-Apr-01 - 11:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: What Do Physicists Think About? II
Subject: RE: BS: What Do Physicists Think About? II
aww...those optical types just have no taste! That is a winner if I ever saw one!

(and I do 'occasionally' have a need to drill or smooth a piece of agate for my crafts...will sure call you!)'s one more song..

I Might Surmise

.....Chorus: I might surmise when the sun she rises,
Early in morning
Sunlight still tries to go on winging
Merrily along a straight line.
Oh, for the light which still acts classic,
And rambles through inertial frames.

Well, the theory goes
As I'm sure you knows,
Light at a constant speed forever goes.
But in younger days, force was still m/a,
And we rambled in inertial frames.

It was Winter when I sent my twin away
In Spring he came back younger by a day
And by Summer if his speed's near c,
He won't even look a bit like me.