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19-Apr-01 - 12:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: What Do Physicists Think About? II
Subject: RE: BS: What Do Physicists Think About? II
Bring along you Dremel or Foredom, I'm not sure I still have one. {For rock you've got to do that drilling under water or heat will ruin rock and drill.)

Optical types aren't all bad. Those limerick were judged by a Russian born Canadian, Boris S.

Here's a click on for and optical type that I wish I could have kept. We saw eye to eye on everything although we had learned it in very different ways.

It looks from this that my former post-doc, Terry Todd has also gone into optical design. He's co-authored a book on it. Click Well, I knew he was good at it a long time ago, NIST offered him a job as a Section Chief, then found out internal politics required the job to be given to someone else.

Actually the other guy, Al, is pretty good too, and is pretty high up at NIST now, and is also a nice guy. I sort of hated to do it, but I got 'voluntered' (that means you don't have to do it the job, you just get fired if you don't) for a project at NIST. I got put under a very personable Group Leader, Jack H. The only trouble was that he didn't know what he was doing, and couldn't tell me very much about what I was supposed to do.(I proved my worth to them outside of what I was nominally supposed to do, by getting them back on the right track at one place where they were going about doing something all wrong on intensity measurement. they took engineers words for their photodetectors as photoresistors. They aren't! They are photoconductors, and they had their pramps designed for maximum non-linearity). NIST can't have know-nothings in that position. Their reputation (and funding by Congress) would quickly vanish. Nobeody else told Al what he had under him, so when I met him by accident at the Library of Congress, I suggested he look into Group Leader Jack's competence. Group Leader Jack was replaced soon after.

Strange internet. When I looked up Terry on Google what else should appear but our joint paper from the VITA on my website.