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Posted By: Sandy Paton
19-Apr-01 - 12:31 AM
Thread Name: FRANK PROFFITT CD on Folk-Legacy
Subject: FRANK PROFFITT CD on Folk-Legacy
Time for me to go commercial on you, folks, but I don't know of any better place to make an announcement about a fine CD of traditional music. If Mudcatters aren't interested in this new CD, I might as well pack my duds, fold up my tent, and go on relief.

This was our very first release, a field recording made in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina of one of the most important traditional musicians of Appalachia. Frank Proffitt was "discovered" by Frank Warner back in 1938. It was from Proffitt that Frank Warner learned "Tom Dooley," the version of the song that was later borrowed (loosely speaking) by the Kingston Trio. Frank Proffitt's own singing of the ballad, which I recorded in 1962, is on this CD, along with wonderful versions of powerful traditional songs like "Reuben Train," "Wild Bill Jones," "Moonshiner," "Going Across the Mountain" (you may have heard Pete Seeger's recording of that one), "Trifling Woman," "I'll Never Get Drunk No More," several Child ballads, and more.

Frank accompanied himself on his home-made fretless banjo and sang in a rich, warm voice, with just enough edge on it to make it interesting. He was a proud "mountain man," aware of the importance of his cultural heritage, and he presented it with dignity and delight.

It's too new to be up on our web site yet (FOLK-LEGACY), but you can use the order blank there. Just order CD-1 - Frank Proffitt! I'm also accepting orders by e-mail (you can split your credit card number into two e-pistles for safe transmission). And, of course, we're taking orders at our toll-free 800-836-0901 -- but don't call until Tuesday 'cause we're gonna be at NEFFA over the weekend.

That's about as commercial a pitch as I can make, and if it offends some of you, I apologize now. I really thought it was something many Mudcatters would like to hear about.