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Posted By: Barry Finn
06-Nov-98 - 12:01 AM
Thread Name: Songwriter's Forum
Subject: RE: Songwriter's Forum
For myself I've found the best test of a song I've written is to sing it at a music party, session, song swap or the like where I have high reguard for the other singers. No one knows I wrote it & I don't say "this is one I wrote", I just sing it with no backround info & no lead in. If there's no interest it does't mean it's a dud, maybe just a bit of reworking but if people start asking where'd you get that gem or can I get the words for that & by the way who wrote it, then you can be pretty sure you've got one that's worth dragging out. This also puts no pressure on the others listening & the response is your truthfull critic, there's no embrassement to yourself & all goes on with no bruised elbows. Barry