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Posted By: MMario
06-Nov-98 - 04:28 PM
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Subject: RE: Songwriter's Forum
seed - believe me I wish I could post the melody too!

[If anyone wants to volunteer to transcribe it by ear I would be willing to send them a tape and much gratitude.] And yes, your comments on the format fit the way I sing it; but I was not about to complain when Barbara went to the trouble to reformat it in the first place. Thanks again, Barbara!

I thought that "goest" was correct and was very frustrated because it was harder to sing then "goeth" but my dialect coach told me either was correct; thoough evidently "goest" is more common - so I switched it.

Barbara - no, I've never heard or heard of "Whither thou goest" (as a song) and I apologize for the random capitalization - that resulted from having clipped the text from a document that was in multiple fonts and mixed caps and lower case because the person I was printing it for liked the looks of it.