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Posted By: Barbara
06-Nov-98 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Our Jack's Come Home Today
Subject: Lyr help: Our Jack's Come Home -Aussie song
Been trying to transcribe this, and some of the words I just can't get. Thanks in advance. Also if anyone knows more about this song, I'd like to hear.

Our Jack's come out of jail today
To Bantridge(?) he had been
For many's the day he'd been away
And his face we ne'er have seen
Buck(?) Menamie(?) arrested Jack
And with a gentle jerk
Pounced down upon our old friend Jack
With jammy, hard at work.

Our Jack's come home today
Our Jack's come home today
Quite wan and pale
From out of jail
Our Jack's come home to day.

When Jack came out of jail today
It made his Bonny glad
She counted (tatted?) up the things he took
And found that she'd been had(?)
The price she got it weren't enough
To keep her for a day
But (all it was?) She's right at last,
Our Jack's come home today.


When Jack came out of quod today
We had a glorious spree
We did a tour of Melbourne pubs
As jovial as can be
When evening time it came around
We started out (ad lib?)
When Jack proposed a partnership
To crack another crib.


Wi' jammies and wi' skellington keys
For cribs we went in search
But seein' Dave O'Donnell there ,
We left Jack in the lurch
Undaunted, Jack, he set to work
Another crib to crack
O'Donnell, like a ton of bricks
Came down to lumber Jack

Last Chorus:
Our Jack's gone back today (2x)
Quite wan and pale
Back into jail,
Our Jack's gone back today.