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Posted By: Dave T
07-Nov-98 - 02:05 AM
Thread Name: Songwriter's Forum
Subject: Lyr Add: TELL ME A STORY (D Tilston)
Thank you for starting this thread. I'm just getting back to the Mudcat and see I've missed quite a bit. Anyhow, since everyone else is being brave enough to post their songs, I thought I'd try. This one is not very typical of the songs I write, which is why I'm posting it. It's really just a simple love song. I wrote this when I was on vacation this summer at our sottage in Georgian Bay. I'd get up each morning about 6:00 am, take a pot of coffee and my guitar down to the water and watch the sunrise. This is one of the songs that came out.
Tell Me A story - D.Tilston (07-1998)
Tell me a story babe, if you're able
Tell me a story that will ease my fears
Tell me story babe, of different ages
A story to lift off the weight of these years

G Em D
Paint me picture babe, with your words
Paint me a picture that's full of your dreams
Paint me a picture of a different world
A world not as cruel as this one now seems

Take me to a place babe, in your mind
Take me to a place where you long to be
Take me to a place where I can rest for a time
A place where I can set myself free


Give me your love babe, one more time
Give me your love, now don't you weep
Give me your love you know I give you mine
Your love is my anchor as I drift off to sleep
This might get "double posted"; I had to reconnect to the net half way through. At any rate, comments are welcome and encouraged.
Dave T