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Posted By: Terry K
21-Apr-01 - 03:26 AM
Thread Name: Beginner guitar - G chord fingering
Subject: RE: Beginner guitar - G chord fingering
Gary - wholeheartedly agree that it must be "right" otherwise wouldn't be in the books. Can't agree about the change to D7 though as the alternative leaves the index finger hovering over the C ready to act as the anchor for the change. Maybe it's just personal preference, but now that I'm using the alternative I find my left hand is generally in a much better position in that my thumb is pointing away from me, whereas previously it tended to point towards me. This seems to make a major improvement in all the other chords too.

On the C7 I find the pinkie falls OK but on checking the chord shape on Nut Chords they want me to add an A sharp on the 3rd string - which finger would I use for that, I ask, seeing as all four are already in use!

It's been really useful re-reading this because I note that Simon in Hampshire practices keeping his index finger free for other chords too (in his case for practicing barre chords - beyond my capacity at the present I'm afraid). But when I tried fingering A this way it occurred to me it may solve a slight problem I have in that my fingers are too big to play the A when I'm using a capo. So introducing the little finger at least lets me capo up to fret 3. Good stuff.

Cheers, Terry