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Posted By: Charley Noble
21-Apr-01 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge-Roaches 1,Tenants 0
Subject: SONG CHALLENGE-Roaches 1,Tenants 0
This is an unofficial song challenge inspired by an article I spewed coffee over in today's newspaper. I dedicate it to Guest: Landlady's Daughter and hope she can find room for the results in her forthcoming housing song book.

(The Associated Press, Portland Press Herald, 4/21/01)

SAN DIEGO – Cockroaches 1, Tenants 0.

Eighteen bug bombs meant to rid an apartment of cockroaches set off an explosion that ripped open its ceiling, shattered windows and tore cabinets from kitchen walls.

No one was injured, though three people were in a bedroom of the 700-square-foot apartment when a pilot light set off fumes from the bug bombs. The tenants were shielded by a closed door.

"I was half asleep and heard this loud 'bang, bang!'" said Endo Beneberu, 17. "That got me awake."

While the explosion earlier this month caused $50,000 in damage, it didn't appear to do much to the cockroaches, which were seen crawling around the apartment as firefighters packed up.

Clearly there is a song in it somewhere, or at least an honorable mention in the annual Darwin Awards. I love the name of the alert tenant "Endo;" I'm sure he'll go far. We don't need stronger health codes or enforcement with such enterprising tenants. I hope they deduct the costs of the 18 bug bombs from next month's rent.

Charley Noble aka Roll&Go-C