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Posted By: Chicken Charlie
23-Apr-01 - 04:07 PM
Thread Name: Help: I need some tune names!!
Subject: RE: Help: I need some tune names!!
I think you should call at least one of them "Slow Day in Sheffield." The proven Stephen Foster method is to glace through an atlas for places you have never been. Alternatively, my Irish ancestors seemed to have worked off of two lists. A was a list of all known (or unknown) historical figures from the Green Isle. The other was a list of every type of musical composition known to man, plus about a dozen great words like "Farewell," "Resurrection," "Return," "Revenge," etc. The beauty is that with only 200 people and 20 musical or generic terms, you would have 4000 song titles, all on the model of "Bonaparte's Revenge," "Tarleton's Resurrection," etc. On the other side of my brain, I don't think one person should name another person's song, especially without hearing it. Gotta go. Need to head down to the music store & put an an order for "Sam Pirt's Blues."