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Posted By: Mrrzy
24-Apr-01 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Twa Sisters / Lay Bent to the Bonny Broom
Subject: RE: 'twasisters' lay the bent to bonny broom
thread creep ... I am reminded of a misheard Star Trek line, when Scotty is sobbing over his engines (och, me puir wee bairns) and my bro-X-Law thought he was saying Och, me pir wee BEARINGS (which at least are engine parts!)... creep off...

I also have a great version of this song by Cynthia Gooding, similar to pentangle's but the refrain (in parens) is different:

There was an old man in the North Country (Bow Down), there was an old man in the North Country (the boughs they bend to me), there was an old man in the North Country and he had daughters one, two, three (that will be true, true to my love, love will be true to me). In the verse where "the dark girl threw her sister o'er" the last part is changed to Love and your love will be true to me, and in the verse where the blondie swims away, it is "love and my love will be true to me" - what I like about this version is that the "brighter, younger" sister survives the drowning attempt by the dark sister, and is drowned instead by the miller, for the rings she'd offered as a reward if he'd take her home. And this version ends with the miller being hung "for the drowning of MY sister Kate" so the dark sister gets away with it, which is also an interesting ending, instead of being betrayed by the harp strung from the murdered sister's hair.