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25-Apr-01 - 08:08 AM
Thread Name: Puns: Give us your worst/best
Subject: RE: Puns: Give us your worst/best
Benny was married to a witch and he was one of those people who could never seem to complete a project. One day he came down to breakfast and it was apparent that he had not shaved.
"What's this?"< said his wife.
"I'm growing abeard", said Benny.
"Right!" said his wife, I'm tired of you starting things that you never finish. You grow that beard out, full and luxriant, or I'll turn you into a vase to put flowers in."
"Yes , dear." said Benny.
After about a week, the beard looked horrible and it itched and one morning Benny came down to breakfast calen-shaven.
"I warned you!" cried his wife, and ZZZZZAP!, she turned him into a vase of roses.
The moral of the story is (drum roll please),

A benny shaved is a Benny urned.