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Posted By: NightWing
25-Apr-01 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: Puns: Give us your worst/best
Subject: RE: Puns: Give us your worst/best
Somehow this one seems particularly appropriate in this setting:

A neighbor of mine once got a phone call from his cousin in Australia. The cousin thanked him for loaning some money and said that in payment he was sending my neighbor a rare Australian animal: a Rary. A few days later, the animal arrived and immediately began eating my neighbor out of house and home. My neighbor tried to take it to the zoo, but they knew about how much Raries eat and wouldn't take it. He took it to the dog pound to have it put to sleep, but they said they couldn't do that to endangered species. So he drove to the top of a cliff and prepared to push his car off the edge with the Rary in it. Before he could, however, a cop came up and asked what he was doing. My neighbor explained about the Rary and how much it ate and how the zoo wouldn't take it and how he had decided that the only thing to do was to kill it by tipping his car off the cliff. The police officer looked over the edge of the cliff and shrugged, "I dunno. It seems like ... [wait for it]

It's a long way to tip a Rary.