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Posted By: Frank in the swamps
11-Nov-98 - 06:35 AM
Thread Name: Chords Req: Brother Can You Spare a Dime?
  Cm                        /Fm6 
They used to tell me I was/ building a dream,

Cm and so I followed the mob,

Eb /D7
When there was earth to plow or/ guns to bear,

D7b5 /G7
I was always there, right on the/ job.

Cm /Fm6
They used to tell me I was/building a dream,

Cm Gm Cm7 Bb7
with peace and glory ahead./ Why should

Eb / G7 G+
I be standing in/ line?

Cm /Fm6 G7
just waiting for/bread?

Once I built a railroad,

G7 C7
made it run,

F Bb7 Eb
Made it race against/ time.

Fm6 G7
Once I built a railroad.

Cm Ab
Now it's done.

Fm G7 /Cm G7/
Brother can you spare a dime?/ /

Cm / G7 C7
Once I built a tower/ to the sun,

F Bb7 /Eb G7
brick and rivet and/ lime.

Fm6 G7
Once I built a tower,

Cm Ab7
Now, it's done.

Fm G7 Cm
Brother can you spare a dime?

Once in khaki suits,

Gm7b5 C7
gee we looked swell;

C7 / Bbm6 C7
full of that Yankee Doodle de/ dum

F7 /Cm7 F9
Half a million boots went/sloggin through hell.

Cm A7b5 D7 D7 G7
I was the kid with the drum.

Say don't you remember? they

G7 C7
called me Al.

F7 Bb7 /Eb G7
It was Al all the/time.

Fm6 G7
Say, don't you remember?

Cm Ab7
I'm your pal!

Fm /Cm
Buddy can you spare a di/ime?

I hope that's fairly legible.

Frank i.t.s.

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