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Posted By: GUEST,John Mayberry
26-Apr-01 - 03:36 AM
Thread Name: Help: I need some tune names!!
Subject: RE: Help: I need some tune names!!
Well, first figure out WHY they need a name. I've known traditional musicians who knew many nameless tunes. You want to put something at the top of the page when you write'em out? Then it might be a description of the tune that means something to you, i.e. "The tune I wrote while waiting to hear from the bank." You want people to smile, or nod meaningfully, or groan, when you announce the name before playing it? Then you're a writer, and can follow much of the advice already given, which boils down to: "Be clever." You write so many tunes, and don't read music, and have a real problem remembering the great tune you composed last thursday but think that a good name will help you? Good Luck. As someone else suggested, a phrase that echoes a main phrase is probably your best bet: " MacIntyre was Almost Bald". Otherwise, let your biographers/collectors/fans of the future work it out. Most of the tunes called "So-and-so's Polka", etc., were probably named by "So-and-so's" copiers and admirers. What's the big danger? That a beautiful tune is composed, lives a glorious brief life like a pitch pocket that flares in a campfire, and no-one hears it again because it's forgotten, un-named? I love living in a world where this happens. Cheers, John (who has written only a few tunes, and has wrestled with this question of naming for a while)