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Posted By: Tony in Sweden
26-Apr-01 - 07:29 AM
Thread Name: Puns: Give us your worst/best
Subject: RE: Puns: Give us your worst/best
A deaf man and his mate enter a pub. The deaf man said to his mate "you find sit, me buy beer".
The deaf bloke asks the barman for two pints of Beer, "£10 please" said the barman,
"Sorry, what did you say?" asks the deaf man
"£10 please" repeats the barman,
"For 2 Beers, That's dear"
"It's because we've got live music tonight explained the barman,
"Sorry what?
"We've got LIVE MUSIC! shouts the barman,
"Ahh moozic" said the bloke "I bet I know what type, Wok and woll"
"WRONG" said the barman
"Wong?". "No wok and woll, den it muz be popmuzic"
"WRONG AGAIN" replies the barman
"Wong again? no wok an woll, no popmoozic, den it goda be boozemuzic!"
"FRAID NOT" said the barman "NONE OF THEM"
"wong again, no wok and woll, no popmoozic, no boozemoozic, but der is no udder moozik"
"WRONG" said the barman, "It's some Country & Western"
"Sorry, what?" said the deaf bloke
"SOME COUNTRY & WESTERN!" yells the barman
"OK dats fine" said the deaf bloke and takes the beers to the table.
"Ahh that's a good beer" said the 2nd man
"Sorry, what?" asks the deaf bloke
"That's a good beer"
"should be, £5 a pint!" replies the deaf man
"WHY SO DEAR?" inquires his mate
"Ahh" sighs the deaf, "There's live moozic, Mooooozic"
"Bet it's Rock and Roll" snapped his mate
"what?" asks the deaf man
"ROCK AND ROLL" shouts his mate
"WONG" laughs the deaf man
wrong? no Rock and Roll, then it's got to be popmusic
"what?" said the deaf man
"POP MUSIC" shouts his mate
"WONG" said the deaf man
Wrong again? no Rock and Roll, no Pop, then it's got to be Blues!
"What?" said the deaf man
"BLUES MUSIC" shouts his mate
"WONG, WONG, WONG" said the deaf, "NONE OF THEM"
What all wrong, no Rock and Roll, no Pop, no Blues, OK, WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING?
"DUNNO" said the 1st "the barman said it was...."