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Posted By: Bill D
26-Apr-01 - 10:46 PM
Thread Name: Puns: Give us your worst/best
Subject: RE: Puns: Give us your worst/best
so, there were this African tribe, with two clans, living on opposite side of a very large lake. They almost never associated with each other due to an old feud, but because they were small, they needed to vary the gene pool now and then.

To accomplish this, every few years a group of young marriagable girls were gathered from each group and traded, as women have been for ages...there was a feast in the villages, then the girls were put into canoes and paddled out into the middle of the lake, where the young men from each group would haggle and trade various items until all the girls had new homes in the other clan.

All went well until one year. The meeting had just concluded when the waether turned bad and a large storm blew up, tossing the little canoes about until everyone feared for their lives! The tribesmen paddled for shore, barely managing to find a narrow beach, but it was unfamilar territory...they were totally lost! In fact, the situation was so bad, they didn't know which side their brides were bartered on!

And then, there was a mother who had two young boys in pre-school...and an unruly pair they were! Always in trouble! Finally one day, the teacher lost her temper and against ALL the rules, she popped the boys over her knee, yanked their pants down and spanked them soundly!

Well, shortly thereafter, Mom arrived to get them, and there they were, tears streaming down their shocked faces, as they had NEVER been spanked before, (being from a very modern family who belived in counseling children, not paddling them!)...Mother asked them what had happened, but they were so embarrassed, they just said that teacher had punished she asked the teacher, but the teacher didn't want to admit to corporal punishment. Well, Mom suspected that the boys had been hit, but no one would admit anything , for their own finally she just gave up and took them home, never knowing which side her brood was battered on.