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Posted By: CarolC
27-Apr-01 - 12:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Amish bumper sticker
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
I used to live in Amish country in western Maryland (USA). It was a somewhat progressive Amish community. They used tractors for farm work, and they were allowed to use the tractors for transportation, too.

It was pretty interesting to see the ways tractors became adapted for this purpose. Larger, more established families had big American tractors with large cabs to carry as many family members as possible.

New families and recently married couples generally had little Japanese makes with cabs just big enough to hold two to four people.

Most of the stores still had hitching posts for the horses, but increasingly it became the norm to see a parking lot full of tractors.

Young men went courting on Sunday evenings. They generally used the buggies for courting. We lived for a couple of years on a road that had a lot of courting traffic. From around midnight until about 2 or 3 am, we could hear a steady clip-clop, clip-clop... going past our bedroom window as the young men headed home from visiting their sweethearts.