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Posted By: Jim Krause
27-Apr-01 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Amish bumper sticker
Subject: RE: BS: Amish bumper sticker
I'm sorta enamoured of the slower-is-better, less-is-more way of thinking. Out in central Kansas, near the town of Hutchinson, there is a fairly large Amish community called (what else?) Yoder.

Seems a travelling salesman was new to the territory, and he was out driving. The first farmstead he passed had a mailbox that said "John A. Yoder." He drove another quarter mile and passed the next farmstead. That mailbox was labeled "John B. Yoder." For the next ten miles there were mailboxes labeled John Yoder, the only difference being the middle initial. He quickly realized that this was so the mail could be delivered to the correct John Yoder. He marveled at so many families named Yoder, until he drove by the hatchery that had a big sign calling itself "Yoder's Hatchery." And that, I suppose is how Yoder, Kansas got its name.