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Posted By: Frug
27-Apr-01 - 03:51 PM
Thread Name: Puns: Give us your worst/best
Subject: RE: Puns: Give us your worst/best
A guy breaks out in a terrible rash and consults his doctor who then refers him on to a specialist. The specialist in turn calls for a third opinion and eventually has to inform the guy that he has contracted a very rare and incurable disease and that he will surely die a most horrible death. The guy goes out and considers how to spend his last days and while browsing the papers looking for something to do he spots an advertisement from a witch doctor who claims to be able to cure everything. The guy goes along and the witch doctor says that in order to save his life the guy most be prepared to sacrifice his best friend. As our hero does not want to die he arranges to meet his friend at the pub for a few beers. After a good drink they leave to go home and on the way our man kills his friend with a brick and takes the corpse along to the witch doctor. The witch doctor places the corpse in a large vat and boils it down for several days until all thats left is a gooey mess which he spreads all over our mans body. In the morning the rash has disappeared and our guy is delighted. Asked if there is a name for this form of treatment the witch doctor replies...........

Yea we call it PALOMINE LOTION