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01-May-01 - 12:31 AM
Thread Name: Quebec City Protest - Part 2
Subject: RE: Quebec City Protest - Part 2

Ownership of stock is the illusion of wealth.

It isn't if you sell when the market is up.

The stock market is little more than a pyramid scam. It will only continue to run, based on false perceptions of value

Only bogus stocks that have no fundamentals. If you but no-profit bogus stocks with inflated valuations you'd better hand on to your hat.

as long as people believe in it and no one decides that it's time to cash out. That's the scary little secret that our current boom time balances on.

That's why you want to own companies that make money.

Look what happened to all the little dotcom start-ups when the public flinched.

Those were phoney values and fad investors who lost their @$$.

Anyone out there who has a 401k plan or an IRA has gotten a glimpse of what can happen when the economy stops growing, or if you place your eggs in the wrong basket

You place your eggs in lots of baskets, not one. There isn't an economist worth his/her salt that is willing to bet on how long this will continue

No, and there never was nor will be.

You can count on one will continue going up, just like real estate.

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