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01-May-01 - 03:28 AM

You want a "Black Joke"? well here's one, but first,
In my hometown there are a lot of Black and mixed families. The live all over town. Most are not descended from slaves. Their ancestors were free African sailors who settled here by choice. Amongst "windbag" sailors, there's only one criterion for judging a person's worth. "Can I trust him (or her) to do the right thing when our lives are at stake"? If the answer is, "yes" then nothing else matters, especially what a person looks like. None of my jokes, indeed none of the others, involve what a person looks like.

I must exclude my Jewish friends from the following paragraph for reasons that will become obvious. All my friends pretty much share the same customs, religion (I'm Episcopal) language holidays, etc. We hang out in the same places, do the same kind of work, live in the same kind of houses and in the same neighborhoods. Bigotry is something we've heard about but, for the most part, haven't experienced except when away from our homes. So what is there to make jokes about?
But, and half my ancestry is Jewish, (on my dad's side) there are differences here in religion, language, customs, "Kosher", "Mohel's", etc etc, that CAN be fodder for humor without being condescending or insulting or stereotyping. The Japanese Joke is a scream. Oh, did you know that the Japanese Government, officially, looked into the possibility of rescuing Jews from their allies? And would have gotten involved in that project had they not made the mistake of "Pearl Harbor". Anyway, here's a "Black Joke"

A Priest is crossing an unpaved stree in Biloxi, Mississippi when he slipped on and fell into a mud puddle, A Black man, passing by, stops to help him to his feet and uses his handkerchief in an attempt to clean off some of the mud. "Thank you" said the Priest, and then asked "Are you Catholic?" " OH NO! Father", he replied, " I've got enough trouble being a..........."

You could tell that story to any of my Black Friend, and get a laugh. You could even use the"N" word without causing ..., well, maybe I could, because they do know that bigots exists in most of our country. but they also are damned sure that I'm not one of them.

And I do know another "Black Joke" that is also a Jewish Joke, notice that I'm not preying on any unsavory characteristics. And, as you'll see, the principal character in this joke is anything BUT a biggot.

This would be a lot funnier if I could've taken you by surprise, but I guess I've already ruined that possibilty to make a point.

A son just told his mother that he's getting married, but that his intended is not Jewish. (Most mothers who are devout members of any congregation would be upset) His mother tries to talk him out of it. Finally she says, "Some day, far into the future you'll get into an argument and she'l say, 'JEW, JEW, JEW'". "Then what will you do?", and the son replies, "I'll say, 'CHINK, CHINK, CHINK'" (or whatever)

You see?", "Ebbie" Humor can certainly be based on differences without preying on unsavory stereotypes.

I not only would never take advantage of another person because of inherent differences, and, neither would I stand idly by and allow anyone else to.

These two jokes ARE funny.