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Posted By: Kate Kennedy Butler (
15-Nov-98 - 01:40 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Johnny Be Fair (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
Subject: RE: Music request: Johnny, Be Fair
Buffy St.Marie version continues:

Jimmy be fair...

Billy be fair..

You never seen a girl so sad and sorry as I was
The boys in town are all my kin & my father is the cause
If life should thus continue, I shall die a single miss
And so I'll go to mother and complain to her of this

Oh, daughter haven't I taught you to forgive and to forget
And if your father's sown his oats, well, still you shouldn't fret
For your father may be father to all the boys in town, and still
He's not the one who sired you, so marry who you will

I've been performing this song since I first heard it. It's quite short and always makes the audience smile. Make the last chord a full A, rather than an Am - better resolution. Hammer on all of it if you can - it fits really well.