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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
03-May-01 - 07:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: the Glesca eskimos
Subject: Lyr Add: THE GLASGOW ESKIMOS (T S Law / T Berwick)
I have most of the words (from a tape made some years ago at the 'Glesca Eskimos' revue written by Gordon McCulloch for the Glasgow International Folk Festival - when it still existed ...), but some of them are simply beyond me. Lyndi-loo, maybe if I post what I have you could help me get the rest (or Ewan, who was there?):

(T. S. Law / Thurso Berwick)

Hullo! Hullo! We are the Eskimos
Hullo! Hullo! The Glasgow Eskimos
We'll get that Yankee Lanin (We'll gaff that nyaff ca'd Lanin?)
And we'll speir him whaur he blows
We are the Glasgow Eskimos

It's up the Clyde came Lanin, that super-duper Yank
He'll get oot a damn sight quicker when we stap him doon the stank
Up tae the neck in sludge and sewage fairly stops your swank
For we are the Glasgow Eskimos

Well it's in an' oot an' up an' doon an' on an' aff the pier
There's cooncillors, collaborators, pimps and profiteers
The ? stooped ? the polis, and the polis stooped ? the queers
We are the Glasgow Eskimos

We are the Glasgow Eskimos

We've been in mony's a rammy, boys, we've been in mony's a tear
We've ?
So get your ? ready, boys, they're comin' up for air
We are the Glasgow Eskimos

Sung to 'Marching Through Georgia'