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Posted By: wysiwyg
04-May-01 - 04:33 PM
Thread Name: That MUSIC Itch: When Ya 'Just GOTTA!'
Subject: That MUSIC Itch: When Ya 'Just GOTTA!'

I started thinking about this right after I started the recent "Where's the Damn MELODY?" thread. In that thread I noticed an inner need to resolve a musical issue AT ONCE... to do, learn, get, WHATEVER so I could DO a piece that had gotten under my skin.

Do you know what I mean?

When everything else becomes secondary to scratching that itch? Like.... not the biological clock ticking, but an instinct so insistent that it sweeps away sense? Musical clock ticking....?

Um, I mean, excuse the plain talk, but, like, a kind of musical horniness that will not let you rest until you, um (oh God!) you know, DO IT? Cuz if you read that thread, you can almost hear it as a woman screaming, "NO! Over THERE! Yes! Yes!" *G*G* (yes, I CAN blush) But it's that strong when it hits!

Please tell me it's like that for you too!?!?!

And then once you have resolved the thing that was in the way of letting the music pass through and out of yourself... and you deliver the music that has been churning away inside... that calm...

We have talked before, in the threads, about the Peak Moments as musicians. So OK! Now! Let's talk about the part that builds up to the Peak! Writing? Singing? Playing? Huh?

(Hope it's not just me!)