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Posted By: Susan A-R
05-May-01 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: Chords Req: Jenny Bryce (James Keelaghan)
Subject: Lyr Add: JENNY BRYCE (James Keelaghan)
I learned this one from a radio show tape, and never knew who wrote it. Here are lyrics anyway. I hope this is what you are after. As I recall, the chord structure is pretty straightforward. Sorry about lack of line breaks, spelling, etc. but my turn on the computer is just about over.

Susan A-R

JENNY BRYCE (James Keelaghan)

This morning I was lost in thought as up the hill I wandered,
And sitting there to greet the dawn upon my life I pondered.
I glanced across the shaded grove where often I had been
With sweet Jenny Bryce, Jack the rover's daughter. (2x)

Some said they were of tinker stock, baptized by flowing water.
Old Jack, he was disposed to roam, and so his only daughter.
And as a lad of seventeen, I left my parents' home
With Jenny Bryce, Jack the rover's daughter.

From wooded glen to heathered moor with Jenny I went roaming.
Her voice so sweet made soft the road from daylight 'til night's closing.
And when at night I laid to rest, 'twas in my true love's arms,
With Jenny Bryce, Jack the rover's daughter.

One day says she, "Oh Willie, I weary of the road."
So a fine small house I built for her down in yon shady grove.
And then with Jenny by my side, I led a settled life
With Sweet Jenny as companion and as wife.

And one day says she, "Oh Willie, a child for us I bear."
And all that winter long I worked and helped her to prepare.
But none but God could help her with a birth such as she saw.
She was Jenny Bryce, she bore for us a daughter.

Six tortured hours she lingered and never once complained.
And all there was to do for her, I did to ease the pain.
And when morning came, I formed a cross and carved in it her name.
I carved "Jenny Bryce, Jack the rover's daughter."

This morn as I was lost in thought, 'twas down the hill I ambled,
And back along the shaded stream where with my love I rambled,
To greet a child of seven years that bears her mother's name.
She's sweet Jenny Bryce, Jenny Bryce's daughter.

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